One of Deborah Schenck’s greatest influences in her life were travelling around the world for a year with an old Hasselblad Polaroid camera, given to her by her Great-Uncle George. With this same camera, considered to be the one of the finest makes among cameras, she has won several awards for her work.

Deborah grew up in Devon and moved to Staffordshire where she studied photography, followed by an apprenticeship as a film editor with the BBC in Manchester.  She made her name as a fine art photographer in the 90s when she became well known for her Polaroid Transfers, representing Polaroid with them. She worked with a 20×24 Polaroid camera in Boston — then the cutting edge of photography. She is also well known for her licensed images working with her publisher, Chronicle Books in San Francisco. Then many publishers in The UK: Hallmark and King &McGaw.

Over the past decade her work has been widely exhibited, including solo exhibitions at the Broome Street Gallery and the Photographic Gallery — both in New York. Basing herself in Vermont for fifteen years, her work was exhibited all over the States. She was then invited to work in France as an artist-in-residence for a year in the Loire Valley.

Her latest work is influenced by her love of the rugged coast line of Devon where she now lives by the sea.

Deborah is acclaimed for her unique styling combined with lifestyle photography, and this takes her on photo shoots all over the world, most recently including India, Sri Lanka and Greece, but also for local specialist producers and enterprises. Clients include Dassie Artisans, Ian Snow, Mike Martin Associates, Lemon Velvet and Bibi&Mac.